15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few years | July 2020


15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few



15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few years


:>Today …Let’s talk about this amazing content, Yes! you heard right we are talking about “15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few years…!!


:>Somehow we all Know that Today’s world is all about Interesting Innovations, creations, and new technologies which are helping humanity to reach on top of the world…!!


:>But there’s no doubt that within a few years we all see An “Era of New Technologies“.


:>In this article, I want to share the upcoming 15 Technology will be will trending after a few years that I believe will shape the 2020s.


:>So without wasting any time .. let’s Begin with an Interesting topic Today to give a short idea about how these innovations have revolutionized the Field of Technology!!! 🙂


:> Let’s Begin with the first ones::



1.Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning :


15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few years


:> Artificial Intelligence was founded in 1995.


:> The term “Artificial Intelligence” basically used to describe Computers or Machines which are responsible for Cognitive functions which are the same that humans are associated with the Human Minds such as ” Learning” and “Problem Solving” situations.


:> With the Help of AI Technology -> Machines can also enact Human minds and they can easily reduce human efforts.


:> However, the increasing Ability of the Machines which can Act and Learn Efficiently & Intelligently that will Transform our world for sure. 🙂


:>That’s the reason why AI and Machine Learning are always in trends for Future generations.


2.The Internet of Things (IoT) :


15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few years


:>The term “Internet of things” (IoT) is defined as a vast system where Electrical, Mechanical, Digital machines, and Computing devices are interrelated…


:>Providing with certain UID’s having an ability to easily transfer any type of data to a network without any interactions of human or computer requirements. !!


:>While talking about the consumer market, the concept of “Smart-Homes” also refers to a perfect example of IoT technology.


:>Some of the most used IoT technology are -> Thermostats, Lighting fixtures, Home Security Systems, and many more home appliances.


:>This will maintain our ecosystem well and can be controlled via smart devices like Smartphones and Smart Speakers.


:>This will boost our New technology devices which are continuously Transmitting data through the Internet which further helps us to grow in Trending Technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

3. Wearables and Augmented Humans.

15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few years

:>Have you ever thought or curious to know how the Fitness Trackers has now spread into this whole industry?


:>However to improve Human Performance Wearable Technology has been designed to help humans for living a healthy and safe environment.


:>I know you are excited to see how Humans and Technology can merge to create a “Real Augmented Humans(TransHumans!!)” ..Just wait because the “Future is yet to come, my friend”.

4. Augmented Analytics and Big Data.

15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few years

:>In this world, everyone wants to have an unlimited amount of Data and Storage as well…


:>The term “Big Data” is one of the great revolutions in the field of technology because it is responsible for the exponential growth of data which is created all over the world.


:>This was not possible without the Help of Augmented Analytics -> which is also known as the highly advanced data analytics design powered and AI collaborations.


:>Now we can easily solve and manage the varied and complex structures of Data as well…!!

5.Intelligent Smart spaces.


15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few years


:>This one is nearly linked to the IoT streams, though these trends can be seen in many physical spaces like -> Apartments, Modern-homes, Offices and many of the cities…


:>Since these trends will become of our main necessity which will enhance the Mentality of the people !! and we”ll be more connected and Smart enough.

6.Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers.



:>We all want our Data and our Professional data should be secure enough…


:>Therefore to Encrypt our system, we used this Fantastic method for not only protecting data but also easily storing and Machine Authentication can be seen in this trend.


:>Also, by encrypting our data securely, specifically when it comes to any trusted transactions -> This will easily revolutionize many business aspects around the globe.

7.Cloud Computing and Edge Computing.



:>The main reason why Cloud Computing comes under “15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few years” is because of its increasing availability and Humans Secondary need…..


:>The term “Cloud-Computing” generally means -> If your data is stored on another computer or devices then you can Access it manually through the Internet.


:>Also, the Term “Edge-Computing” means -> The Technology where we can easily process our Data on Smart devices like the Smartphones which ultimately takes the Benchmark up to the next level.

8.Digitally Extended Reality(DER) Experience |

:>This Trend will surely be in the highlighted zone for years due to its Impressive growth in Digital Experience.


:>Some of the major examples for DER are Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR), and Mixed Reality.


9.Digital Twins.



:> The term “Digital Twin” can be also stated as the Replication or Digital copy of an Actual Object(physical), Variations of products and processes, Ecosystem, and many more.


:> Although this Technology is yet not certified to experiment on a Living Physical Object.


:> Therefore with the help of this fantastic technology, we can try different types of alternations and adjustments.

:>This will of course be a way too expensive and risky to give a  proper try on Real Physical Object.


10.Natural Language Processing.

:> However, it’s very interesting to know how humans can easily understand the Machine Language but what will the Machine understand Human Languages?


:>Therefore it’s Now possible that the Era has begun where Machines will understand the Human Emotions and Feelings as well


:>This all credit goes to Natural Language Processing(NLP) -> With the help of this technology Machines will understand the Human Language, which also started a Revolution of Humans and Machines. !!!

11.Voice interfaces and chatbots.



:>This Technology Basically Deals Communications with the Machines by simply Speaking, Questioning, Request.


:>The best example we can give you are AlexaSiri, and Chatbots.


:>We can now predict for the future, that with the help of this Voice Interfaces Technology almost all the Business Conferences Meetings


:>Will have a better option to interact with there clients without many Physical Efforts…This Technology will rock the Future for sure !!!


12.Computer Vision and Facial Recognition.

:>Well…Machines can speak, but why they’re not able to see as well?


:>Also, This technology has the capability to allows Machines to Understand and Visualize the world around them,…


:>However Facial Recognition is one of its major Examples and there’s no doubt about -> that this technology will be trending after a few years which will show you new Upcoming Face Recognition Innovations.

13.Robots and Cobots.



:>We” ll know how the Robots are been used for day to day purposes.


:>In Today’s world -> Robots are said to be most Intelligent Non-living Objects in this world ->


:>However they learn to respond, interact, and perform Different Tasks based on their source of Usage.


:>In some of Industries, we might see that the work of humans seems slightly less Involve as compared to Robots though we can also say that the robots are also responsible to co-operate with human tasks


:>This type of robot is also known as “Cobot” or (“Collaborative Robot“).


:> You can also checkout This First Ever Humanoid Robot who got an Official Citizenship at Saudi Arabia who came at IIT Bombay this year …


14. Autonomous vehicles.

:>Everyone has a dream to buy his/her bike or car with there own salary…


:>Though this 2020s  decade will show you with an upcoming Autonomous Vehicles such as…


:>Cars, Ships, Taxis, Trucks, Motorcycle –> which will become Perfectly Autonomous vehicles, Viable Commercially and Economically stable.




:>Yes…you heard right my friend!!! These also come under “15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few years”…


:>5G  or we can say the Fifth Generation technology embedded for Cellular Network will give us a Data at a Faster and Smarter rate ->


:>That  will be responsible for enhancing Stable Wireless Technology as well, therefore it has been driving attentions in Trending Technology List


:>It states that -> If more devices are connected then there will be richer Streaming of Data.


:> So …that’s all  !! ..I hope you found this post “15 Trending Technology which will Rule After Few years  Useful and Beneficial as well.


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