How to create a secret chat on Telegram and turn on end-to-end encryption

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Updated on February 6, 2021
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:>While Telegram has better privacy features in situ as compared to WhatsApp,

:>The end-to-end encryption isn’t a default and wishes to be turned on.

:>There’s also how to make a secret chat on the app.

:>With the entire privacy and user data security debate raging because of WhatApp’s new privacy policy.

:>Many users have picked either Telegram or Signal to maneuver to for messages instead.

:>Now, both Telegram and Signal do accompany better privacy features than WhatsApp and both apps also collect lesser user data as compared to the Facebook-owned app.

:>We’ve already told you why you would possibly want to choose Signal.

:>Today we are getting to tell you ways to show on end-to-end encryption for Telegram and the way to start out a secret chat thereon .

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:>For starters, end-to-end encryption (e2e) isn’t a default feature in Telegram.

:>Cloud chats, what Telegram calls its standard chats, aren’t end-to-end encrypted.

:>So if you don’t turn e2e on, Telegram has access to metadata.

:>(Who you wrote to, how often, when etc) and also the content of those chats.

:>Telegram has said that it doesn’t use this data for advertising but you never know when which will change.


How to create a secret chat in Telegram

:>Telegram does have end-to-end encryption, you only got to enable it.

:>Telegram calls also have end-to-end encryption are turned on are also as called Secret chats.

:>To make a secret chat open the profile of the person you would like to start out the chat with.

:>Click on the icon with the three dots slightly below the person’s profile photo.

Select “Start Secret Chat”.

How to create a secret chat on Telegram and turn on end-to-end encryption

:>This opens a talk where end-to-end encryption is applied to messages

:>You’ll see a notification mentioning that appear within the chat window at the beginning .

:>You can also set the time after which messages during this secret chat are going to be deleted

:>By tapping or clicking the clock icon within the message input box.

:>The automatic deletion of messages doesn’t prevent your chat partner from taking screenshots.

:>But if they are doing…

:>You’ll be notified about it within the chat.

:>There is one exception here though, if the opposite person is using the MacOS app you won’t get a notification of a screenshot.

:>Telegram allows multiple secret chats with an equivalent person and also Group chats can’t be secret.


How to know if a talk is end-to-end encrypted?

:>You will got to check for the padlock icon.

:>Since Telegram chats are often either cloud (normal chats) or secret

:>It’s important to understand which sort you’re using.

:>So to verify which type you’re in, search for a padlock icon next to the name or telephone number of your chat partner.

:>If it’s there, the chat is secret.

:>If not, then end-to-end encryption is off, during which case you ought to create a replacement chat.

:>You can also tap or click your chat partner’s icon.

:>If end-to-end encryption is enabled, the words Encryption Key will appear at rock bottom of the window that opens.

Important things to notice

:>Secret chats are available in Telegram’s iOS, Android, and macOS apps.

:>The online version and Windows app don’t support secret chats.

:>As they can’t ensure secure storage of chats on the device.

:>Normal chats on Telegram aren’t end-to-end encrypted.


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