Intel reportedly ‘Crafted’ 11-Gen Processor Benchmarks to make Apple M1

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Updated on February 7, 2021
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:>Intel reportedly used different 11-gen Core i7 SKUs for testing.

:>It also moved between MacBook Air and Pro to form it’s benchmark performance look better.

:>Just last year Apple announced that it’s moving faraway from Intel chipsets for Mac devices

:>It can eventually be using its own Apple silicon, which afterward clothed to be the Apple M1 with 5nm processing tech.


:>Intel has now shared benchmarks that…

:>As PC World report states, is an effort to prove that the company’s latest 11th generation Core processors

:>They are superior to Apple’s bespoke M1 chip.

:>The report has described these benchmarks as ‘carefully crafted’ and that is due to several reasons.

:>As per Intel,

:>Exporting a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF is 2.3x faster on a Windows laptop.

:>That’s running 11th-Gen Core i7 processor and 16GB RAM compared to an equivalent exporting process.

:>It takes longer during a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple M1 chip and 16GB of RAM.

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:>Intel also mentioned that Topaz Lab’s AI-based photo enlargement software gigapixel

:>AI performed 6x faster on its Core i7 processor as compared to M1 MacBook Pro.

:>It is consistent with PC World, this result’s understandable as Topaz Lab’s apps.

:>They are designed to require advantage of the hardware acceleration inside Intel processors.

:>Intel says that Mac isn’t ideal for gaming because…

Intel reportedly ‘Crafted’ 11-Gen Processor Benchmarks to make Apple M1

:>It lacks support for countless games like Gear Tactics, Hitman 2 et al. .

:>The firm also conducted a true world battery life test,

:>Only to seek out that both the M1 MacBook Air.

:>Therefore the Acer Swift 5 with 11th-Gen Core i7 processor.

:>It achieved almost an equivalent 10 hour battery life when streaming Netflix with additional tabs open.

:>It is worth mentioning that Intel in its slideshows switched from MacBook Pro for the performance benchmarks

:>When it involves battery life test..

:>Which shouldn’t be the case until unless you would like one among the products to seem good or bad.

:>PC World adds that the chipset maker used a special Core i7 processor SKU for every of those tests

:>which again, shouldn’t happen…

:>One of the Apple columnists, Jason Snell, said that Intel’s benchmarks were M1-unfriendly with inconsistent test platforms,

:>Shifting arguments and omitted data. it’s worth mentioning that…

:>Apple is rumored to launch its new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models

:>A redesigned IMac and other devices with its next generation of Apple Silicon, later this year.


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