Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: Not your regular tablet

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Updated on February 10th, 2021
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:>Surface Go 2 isn’t like your usual tablet that’s limited to light browsing and multimedia experience.

:>It’s more of Microsoft’s way of delivering a 2-in-1 at the smallest amount price possible.

:>So, I’ve reviewed it.

:>Microsoft Surface devices aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

:>Each product that comes out is strictly for a specific set of audience.

:>Within the rather well-balanced spectrum of Surface devices.

:>Microsoft has something for nearly everyone.

:>And for travellers or students who want the Surface experience at a reasonable price.

:>Microsoft has launched Surface Go 2.

:>This new tablet isn’t like your usual ones that are limited to Very light browsing and multimedia experience.

:>It’s more of Microsoft’s way of delivering a 2-in-1 at the smallest amount price possible.

:>And since the Surface Go 2 is quite a daily tablet, it’s priced quite usual at ₹42,999.

:>Trust us…

:>This is often currently the foremost affordable and latest ‘Surface’ you’ll get within the market.

:>We got our hands on this product for a couple of weeks.

:>So, here is our combat whether the Surface Go 2 has an audience in India and the way much work can it handle.


Design and display

Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: Not your regular tablet

:>What you get maybe a 10.5-inch PixelSense touch display.

:>It is enough for streaming shows and films but unfortunately.

:>As you finish up watching a smaller than usual screen for information.

:>If you would like a laptop-like experience with this one, a minimum of in terms of display.

:>This won’t be the one.

:>The bright side, however, is that the premium display quality.



:>Everything boils right down to performance and Microsoft didn’t allow us to down on this front.

:>Surface Go 2, being a Microsoft device, does a reasonably good job with ever-so-familiar features and apps.

:>Office apps are well implemented and browsing through tabs.

:>performing on apps simultaneously and playing light games was almost fine.

:>Don’t expect a top-notch performance here but what you’ll expect indeed may be a fanless, silent workflow.



Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: Not your regular tablet

:>What’s worth appreciating, however, is that the battery performance on Surface Go 2.

:>Microsoft hasn’t officially mentioned the capacity but claims the device to figure for 10 hours on Wi-Fi in ideal conditions.

:>Once you convert it to real-life usage.

:>It manages to stretch for 5-6 hours on a mean including media streaming,.

:>Performing on apps and auto-brightness enabled.

:>That’s anyway better than most when it involves tablets.



:>?So, who is it for

:>Microsoft has done an honest job in ensuring that Surface Go 2 appeals to students

:>Those that are traveling all the time and with a highly portable device for light or average workload.

:>It’s faraway from supplying you with a typical laptop experience and a ten.

:>5-inch screen won’t be enough for all types of labor, except for media streaming, browsing the online or social media, it fits right in.


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