The Rise of Assistive devices : How tech is helping people with special needs

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The Rise of Assistive devices : How tech is helping people with special needs

:>Major tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are designing their products with accessibility features

:>So that folks with disabilities can use them with ease.

:>With over a billion people (about 15 percent of the world’s population) having some kind of disability.

According to WHO

:>It becomes important for tech companies to form their products with accessibility features in mind.

:>According to Assistive technology (AT) is growing major tech companies

:>Young startups create special hardware products or incorporating software features designed to affect the wants of individuals with disabilities.

So let’s Start With A Unique Post How tech is helping people with special needs

(A)Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Rise of Assistive devices : How tech is helping people with special needs

:>The controller, which looks like an old-school white box, features two large black buttons which can be reprogrammed, and a smaller steering button.

:>The rectangular-shaped controller features dozens of three.

:>5mm jacks round the back that attach with sort of external switches, buttons, mounts, and joysticks.

:>Also, Xbox Adaptive Controller has wireless connectivity in nature with a built-in rechargeable battery.

:>But it also can work with a wired USB connection.

:>The controller has also used with Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs available priced at Rs 8539.


(B)Amazon Echo smart speaker:

The Rise of Assistive devices : How tech is helping people with special needs

:>Many see the Echo as a mere smart speaker but the favored device can impact the lives of people with disabilities in a positive way.

:>In fact, the Amazon Echo smart speaker is the best example of how assistive technology is often so useful for people with special needs.

:>For a private with low vision, the Echo can read daily stories, perform basic calculations, set alarms and reminders,

:>Even perform simple searches, without having to maneuver your hands or changing your position.


(C)Apple AirPods

The Rise of Assistive devices : How tech is helping people with special needs

:>Turn AirPods into a Hearing Aid

:>The AirPods are using as a substitute for a hearing aid, due to its “Live Listen” feature.

:>This feature has been designed to help people who are hearing impaired.

:>To use AirPods as a hearing aid, attend Settings on your iPhone.

:>Choose the center, open Customize Controls.

:>Choose the green + (plus) button next to Hearing to feature it to the active Control Centre items.

(D)Google Live Captioning

The Rise of Assistive devices : How tech is helping people with special needs

:>Google recently added a Live Caption feature

:>That allows real-time captions for videos, podcasts, or even voice notes on a phone.

:>The feature is useful for folks that are deaf or hard of hearing.

:>It supports up to 70 different primary languages, unfortunately, you’d sort of a lively internet connection to work.

At the moment,

:>Live Caption is currently available on Google’s own Pixel phones.

:>Chooses Android smartphones, including the Galaxy S20 lineup.

(E)Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The Rise of Assistive devices : How tech is helping people with special needs

:>The recently launched iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have a LiDAR scanner

:>It helps a blind person detect how close people are.

:>The new “People Detection” feature, which has been rolled as a neighborhood of iOS 14.2.

:>A LiDAR scanner is often used to measure the space to things during an area.

:>The scanner has been primarily used to improve augmented reality experiences

:>But Apple is thinking in an entirely new direction to use a 3D sensor as assistive technology to help individuals who are suffering from low vision.


(F)Samsung Good Vibes, Relumino apps

:>Samsung’s Good Vibes also helps the deafblind to possess two-way communication with others using their respective smartphones.

:>The app uses Morse to convert vibrations into text or voice and vice-versa this also comes under How tech is helping people with special needs.

:>The Good Vibes app downloads from the Samsung Galaxy Store also as from the Google Play Store.

:>Meanwhile, Relúmĭno which is developed by Samsung employees.

:>As a neighborhood of the Company’s C-Lab program works as a clear aid app for people with low vision.


(G)Huawei StorySign app

:>Nominated for Children’s BAFTA in 2019

:>Huawei’s StorySign could also be a free app designed to help deaf children determine the way to read and luxuriate in bedtime stories and literature.

:>The app uses a mix of augmented reality and AI to translate popular children’s books into signing using Star, the friendly signing avatar.

:>The pitch behind the StorySign app is to reinforce the training experience for deaf children who struggle to seek out bent read.

:>The StorySign app is out there to download from the Google Play Store, Huawei AppGallery, and iOS.


(H)Be My Eyes app

:>Be My Eyes could also be free to use app that connects blind and visually impaired people.

:>It sighted volunteers via a far-off video connection which can help them during a kind of task.

:>Created by a Denmark-based cabinetmaker Hans Jorgen Wiberg.

:>Through which the blind person is connected to the volunteer.

:>Also, they can assist them with any of the problems related to vision.



:>IIT-Delhi researchers developed “DotBook” which is India’s first Braille laptop for the visually-impaired. instead of a screen like regular laptops.

:>DotBook uses Braille, a tactile system of reading and writing to employ by the blind or visually impaired.

:>Available in two models: the 40Q variant has 40 characters per line.

:>It offers a typical QWERTY keyboard and a Braille keyboard and thus the 20P version.




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